Solomiya Magazine

Photographer Sebastian Wells could not bear to be idle while Ukraine was under attack. And so he travelled to the war zone with the intention of photographing in Kharkiv. But then he met the photographer Vsevolod Kazarin in Kyiv. Together they came up with something completely different: the idea of publishing a magazine. And then we got involved. The result is a magazine that shows what there is to defend: Freedom, and art. The result is SOLOMIYA magazine. Available at magazine shops in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, Ukraine and at

Font designer Jan Fromm drew the cyrillic “L” just for Soлomiya

“Solomiya: A photo project shows what there is to defend in Kyiv”(Berliner Zeitung, 24.6.2022)

Co-editor Andrii Ushytskyi with the first delivery of magazines – which came to Kyiv by Flixbus.